Crazy Free Flash Arcade Games

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Adventures of Jack - You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets...
Plays: 715 Rating: Not rated

Alien Bounce - It's your job in this catapult game to bounce the Alien...
Plays: 372 Rating: Not rated

Ant City - You the giant have stolen a giant magnifying glass and ...
Plays: 510 Rating: Not rated

Attack of The Fever ... - Smash the fever heads with pipes or hit them with your ...
Plays: 493 Rating: 4/5

Bagdad Bowling - Use your bowling bombs to kill Saddam, UDay, and Qusay!
Plays: 431 Rating: Not rated

Bill Cosby Fun - Senseless game involving Bill Cosby. Lure people into y...
Plays: 462 Rating: 4/5

Bill The Demon - Play as Bill and prove yourself to the Devil Army. Eat ...
Plays: 474 Rating: Not rated

Build-A-Face - Make Funny Faces With This
Plays: 957 Rating: 1/5

Cabelimho - This one really doesn`t make any sense!
Plays: 769 Rating: Not rated

Castle - Defend your castle & kill your enemies.
Plays: 1037 Rating: Not rated

Celeb Apple Rescue - Save The Celebs
Plays: 889 Rating: Not rated

Claque Beignet - We the Aliens couldn`t invade Earth because of lyrical ...
Plays: 750 Rating: Not rated

Cotse Paint - Draw Great Pictures With This
Plays: 1091 Rating: Not rated

Dancing Ant - Configure and direct what music or voices to play and h...
Plays: 456 Rating: Not rated

Fill Up the Boy - Spray water into the boy`s mouth to fill him up.
Plays: 856 Rating: Not rated

Fuel Duel - Fill cars with fuel, dont let them wait too much!
Plays: 828 Rating: Not rated

Funny Xiao Xiao - Who`s stronger? You or the Pillar?!
Plays: 813 Rating: Not rated

Get Some Noise - For some reason a jumping head is eating sounds!! Use t...
Plays: 839 Rating: Not rated

happy tree friends D... - Bounce the dynamite using your cursor. Don`t let it dro...
Plays: 718 Rating: Not rated

Hide Needs Sake - Strange Beer Game
Plays: 941 Rating: 1/5

Hit Me! - Hurt The Little Man
Plays: 827 Rating: Not rated

Ho slappin - Slap that bitch! Te harder the better!
Plays: 971 Rating: Not rated

Honkey - The Head Ga... - Keep ups game with a head
Plays: 1270 Rating: Not rated

Internet Killed the ... - Cool parody of the 1st video on MTV: Video killed the R...
Plays: 754 Rating: Not rated

Kitten Cannon - Shoot the poor cat as long as you can!
Plays: 1096 Rating: Not rated

Office - Make The Workers Happy
Plays: 770 Rating: Not rated

Osama Sissy Fight - Beat the hell out of Binladen in the ring! Punch him in...
Plays: 367 Rating: Not rated

Plays: 7403 Rating: Not rated

Petty Theft Bicycle - Run away from the crazy cops after you steal a bike.
Plays: 482 Rating: Not rated

Pol - Control The Strange Fat Man Around The Various Levels
Plays: 812 Rating: Not rated

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